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Claudishadam Bengal Cats Claudishadam Bengal Cats Claudishadam Bengal Cats Claudishadam Bengal Cats Claudishadam Bengal Cats Claudishadam Bengal Cats Claudishadam Bengal Cats Claudishadam Bengal Cats

Walk on the Wild Side

Fashionable, exotic and adorable, the Bengal is the “Glitterati” of cats. Bengal cats come in a variety of colours, including brown, silver, blue and snow with markings that include rosettes, spots and marbles.

A desirable trait is the “glitter” a trait unique to Bengals, making them appear to have been sprinkled with gold dust.

The Bengal has a short, single-layered coat (called a “pelt” like that of their ancestral Asian Leopard Cat). The nature of the Bengal’s pelt often means that those owners with mild allergies are able to own a Bengal cat without suffering a reaction.

Available Kittens

Claudishadam Bengals have lots of stunning Bengal kittens available, dont miss out on one of our beautiful Bengal. Visit our Kittens page and then contact Claudine by phone or email to put your kitten on hold.

Call Claudine on +61 (0)423 539 364 or go to our Contact page to send us an email.

Latest News

Dec 2015 Claudishadam Bengals still have some stunning kittens available. KITTENS AVAILABLE FROM $800.00.
Oct 2015 Kittykatore X Sparticus have 8 stunning kittens available, 4 Boys and 4 Girls born 5/9/15. Have a look at the new pictures in the Kittens Page. Taking orders.
Oct 2015 Claudishadam Bengals are proud to announce that we have five new stunning litters available.
Aug 2015 Mae Ping X Sparticus have five lovely Brown Spotted kittens available, pics will be on the website in a few weeks. Taking orders now.
May 2015 There are new pictures of our kittens available, go to the Kitten Page to have a look at all the stunning kittens. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.
Apr 2015 I have decided to reduce the price of all of my kittens as i have new litters due soon. All of these kittens are stunning. Feel free to call or email for any information regarding these beautiful bengal kittens.
Apr 2015 Have a look at our kittens page, lots of new pictures of our stunning kittens.
Mar 2015 Have a look at the Kitten Page, there are lots of stunning Bengal Kittens available.
Feb 2015 We have some stunning Bengal kittens available, both Brown Spotted and Snow Leopards. Have a look at our Kittens Page.
Feb 2015 Tangier X Sparticus had six beautiful kittens on the 13th of February. 5 Brown Spotted and 1 Snow, all 6 are boys. Mae Ping X Sparticus Had 5 stunning kittens on the 12st of February, all stunning brown Spotted Bengals. TAKING ORDERS.
Jan 2015 We have taken some new pictures of our kittens available, go to the kitten page and have a look at the stunning Bengals.
Jan 2015 Claudishadam Bengals has three lovely litters available now, have a look on our on kitten page.
Dec 2014 Kittykatore x Sparticus have 9 stunning kittens born on the 18/12/14, there are 6 Brown Spotted and three beautiful Snow Leopards, pictures now on kitten page.Taking orders now.
Dec 2014 Claudishadam Bengals have three new litters due in a few weeks. Kittykatore X Sparticus, Kiarra X Maximus and Ketika X Maximus all of these kittens will be stunning. Dont miss out on your favourite kitten, taking order now.
Nov 2014 Saharra x Sparticus has a stunning boy available, this boy is ready to go to his new family. Kiarra has two stunning female by our new male Maximus, born in the 15/12/14. Ketika Has four beautiful kittens born on the 17/12/14. Kittykatore X sparticus has kittens due on the 25/12/14.
Oct 2014 We are so happy to let you know that Claudishadam Bengals have three litters born.The two litters in the kittens section both have 6 kittens and both have three of each, all of these kittens are stunning. The two litters are: Tangier X Sparticus and Kittykatore X Sparticus. Dont miss out on one of our beautiful kittens as there are only a few kittens left. We have a new litter born on 04.10.14 Saharra X Sparticus, Saharra has five beautiful kittens. Pictures will be on the website soon. Email or Phone Claudine: claudine@claudishadam.com or 0423 539 364.
May 2014 Our new breeding male has arrived, "Tijah" Maximus One, he has a good wild type head, wonderful markings with lots of contrast. Maximus will be an asset to our breeding program.

Breeding Excellence

At Claudishadam Cattery, we have many years of Bengal cat breeding experience.

Our Bengals are recognisable by their classic “wild” head, well-defined rosettes, striking patterns and shimmering “glitter”.

Our aim is to produce a line of Bengal cats that are true to their breed and perfectly capture those characteristics that make these cats so desirable.

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